Friday, December 26, 2008

Vacuum Review

In case you're in the market for a new home vacuum cleaner I would highly recommend the 'Hoover Windtunnel bagged' model. It retails for about $150.00 and is worth every penny. I did some research including paying a visit to a commercial janitorial shop where the commercial lines begin at $400 (Oreck, etc.). Excellent vacuums but quite pricey. I found the Hoover and decided to replace my piece of junk 'Bissell' for Christmas. This model has a 12 amp motor and comes with a 3 year factory warranty. Some of the features include a HEPA filter for allergens and a deep clean "dirtfinder" option which is activated with a switch (although I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want this feature activated all the time), an 8' retractable hose and furniture/stairs/corner attachments which sit in a handy built-in box , and perhaps most importantly, three distinct points of suction behind the beater brush. Most residential grade vacuum cleaners that I'm familiar with only have one point of suction which renders one corner of the vacuum less effective than the other.
Our first use was on a 100% wool area rug from Ikea which we bought about a month ago and which has been shedding fibers ever since. Carpet experts tell me that wool rugs will do that for a while until they lose the loose fibers and then it should stop shedding. These tiny hairs were all over the couch and everyones clothes -- a real pain. I ran the Hoover over it a few times and nearly filled the bag with loose wool fibers. AMAZING! The suction on this little $150 beauty is to be reckoned with. I would highly recommend this model which is the best vacuum I've ever owned. The Hoover WindTunnel Bagged vacuum cleaner really sucks!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Kennedy compound?

I've been thinking - why do the Kennedy's live in a "compound"? Why not a "house" like the rest of us? So I've decided that from now on I live in the Carlyle Compound. It's kind of my little haven from the paparazzi and the feds. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not worth the money

I live in Vernal Utah - about 20 minutes from Dinosaur National Monument. Some friends recently came down to visit from the northwest and we visited the park. The admission cost was $10 per vehicle, and since we took 2 vehicles we spent a total of $20. But here's the problem: The main attraction here is a fossilized dinosaur that lies half exposed in a hillside. This dinosaur is encased in a building perched at the top of a hill. This building is dilapidated and hence, off limits to the patrons until 2012. Regardless of this fact, the park still charges regular full admission price. The alternative is a mile long trail along which the optimistic hiker finds him/herself looking for a few random fossilized pieces of bone in the rocks (which look about like the common rock in which they are embedded). The hike is okay, but nothing much beyond any hike you might take anywhere in the same hills just outside the park. In summary, this is not a visit I would recommend. There are alot of beautiful hikes and points of interest around here, so if you're thinking of visiting Dinosaur National Monument I suggest you save your $10 and drive up to Flaming Gorge.

I've never done this before

I've never blogged before and I'm not sure that I'll continue. But like any new relationship we'll take it slow and see where it goes. I guess my blogs are going to be totally random with little to no continuity...and perhaps that will be my undoing. Any suggestions on how to get started would be appreciated.