Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Harold Manbach Attends Nascar

Racing enthusiast, Harold Manbach keeps one eye on his Bud Light and the other intensely fixed on the hypnotic dance that is Nascar. Harold has observed the beloved tradition of Nascar since he was a child. "Nascar is more than just a sport - It's a way of life," he told us as his favored #24 car makes its 890th lap. "I grew up here at the track. I never get tired of it. I could just watch them cars go round an round all day and all night. I mean, they're just so fast and loud."
Fast and loud indeed. Not unlike, say a Metallica cover band, which happens to be performing next to the empanada stand near the south entrance of the track. "Metallica rocks!" exclaimed Harold with an enthusiasm rivaling his passion for his beloved #24 car and driver. "#24 rocks!" he added.
When we asked Harold what it was, exactly, that he found so intoxicating about the sport he told us, "It's just awesome how they go so fast. Plus the the cars look so cool. Some say 'Skoal' on the side, some say 'Budweiser' and my favorite one says 'Marlboro' right on the hood for the blimp and the whole world to see...that's ole #24!!! Wooooohoooooo!!!"

Harold, age 6, was "raised on Lynyrd Skynyrd and Nascar and was born with a Bud in his bottle".

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