Thursday, April 1, 2010

War Movie Review

i watched 'green zone' today, starring matt damon. if you like war movies, it was excellent...if not, you won't like it because it's a war movie. but did i mention that it was an excellent one? well it is, regardless of my mentioning it or not. but don't bother if you're not a war movie fan, because this is definitely a war movie. i could tell from all of the battle scenes.

there were definitely other scenes in the movie besides just battle scenes, but it was the battle scenes in particular that gave it away as a "war" movie. also, it was about a war and had strong themes of warfare and warriors (soldiers) all of whom were combating one another in a warlike manner. i guess you could say it was a war flick.

which i happen to like. i don't know about you.

i guess i should qualify that last statement - or second to last...i don't like ALL war movies. the boring ones are the ones i DON'T like. also the sucky ones. but if its good and its about war, you can count me in.

this also goes for romance movies, sci-fi, horror and comedies.

but there's nothing funny about war.

except for if one soldier cracks a good joke to a group of soldiers like, say, in the mess hall. that would crack me up!

other than the upbeat camaraderie of brothers-in-arms telling jokes, there's nothing funny about war. it's bloody and brutal.

and times.

i think that if i had to pick the funniest thing about war it would be all the jokes the soldiers tell to one another. especially the knee-slappers. those ones are the BEST!!

the only thing is, apart from the jokes, war is hell. and hell is like purgatory filled up to the max with the most hellish components. let's not forget that hell is no laughing matter. and neither is war. both hell and war are 100% bummers and there's probably only 2-5% (pretty much negligible) about either that is funny!

that makes me think of something i was wondering before - i wonder if any jokes are ever told in hell? if there are, i bet they aren't funny.


  1. ...this makes me think of the conversation we had the other day about dorks... that's all.

  2. With only a small number of exceptions (e.g., "The Dirty Dozen"; "The Deer Hunter", etc.), I dislike war movies. But I LOVED your blog bit about war movies. This blog bit is a modern classic, and the one that totally sold me on "Babbleon".

    I gots to say, however, that unfortunately, doggone it, I think you have so many whistles and bells on your blog that it loads slowly for me, and sometimes it even kicks me offline. Nevertheless, it's worth the aggravation.

    Very, very funny "stuffs", my friend!

    ~ Stephen