Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nikki Sixx Is Coming To Thanksgiving

A friend suggested that we invite Nikki Sixx to Thanksgiving this year as it might throw an interesting musical dynamic to the festivities. I told him it was alright by me, as long as Nikki Sixx brought his own turkey so there would be plenty for everyone. I wouldn't want to be like, "Man, that turkey was delish...I'd love to have more, but I see Nikki Sixx is eyeballing the last thigh. Dangit, Nikki Sixx!"
Also, I must insist that he chose between either a belt OR suspenders. And the hair should be combed neatly to one side.
p.s. - Thanksgiving being a civilized celebration, we will be using our given Christian names. Hence, Mr. Sixx will be addressed as Nicholas Sixxowski.

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