Thursday, January 8, 2009

i was under the impression that eggs were a mildly healthy breakfast choice, but did you know that 1 egg has 70% of your rda of cholesterol? so if you eat 3 eggs at a time, like me, you've just consumed over twice the cholesterol that you're supposed to have for the day. so the bratwurst that you have for lunch (which has triple the daily sodium rda) takes the cholesterol to probably four times your acceptable level and, with the steak you have for dinner, you have just eaten more cholesterol in one day than a healthy diet allows for the whole week. it's really amazing to consider how liberal we've become with "acceptable" foods that are just a part of a normal day. when really, from the perspective of health and necessary nutrition, we really should only be eating tiny amounts of whole grains, fruit and vegetables and that's about it. like 10% of my normal caloric intake. sigh! this leaves little room for such crowd pleasers as almond roca, haagen dasz, pepsi cola and cinnabon. i'm beginning to reconsider their nutritional merits.

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